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Snow White

Mirror, mirror on the wall

why do you stare

and plot her fall?

Skin of milk white

eyes of blue crystal

hair dark as madness.

Once lost in a kiss

lips of blood red

took one bite amiss

then into the abyss…

Within a poisonous trance

gone the forgotten lover

what have you wrought

you murderous mother?

Glass heart shatters

beats no more

the poet weeps

lost in lore.

Hi ho, hi ho,

back to work

they go….

In the forest

there is not a sound

creatures slink, sad silent

not a soul around

one so vile

so violent.

Madam stands at her mirror

so true

in this land no one

more fair than you

but a new star shines

in the mystical above

the enchantment shattered

succumbed to love.

Mirror, mirror high upon the wall

evil queen consumed

the narcissist must fall.

Seven small ones proclaimed

as the Fair One arose

freed from the past

from silent shadows.

Prism glass cracked

silvery shards of hate

she took the offered hand

destiny spun by fate.



19 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Lana, this was exquisite in your wording and meaning. I like how it reminded me of shattering barriers. It seemed like the elements of the story became enhanced, more defined. Your fairy tales add a depth of reality to them.

  2. This is so brilliant! Absolutely love it! Snow White has always been one of my favourite fairy tales – I loved it so much when I was a kid that I even memorized the whole thing and told it everybody who´d listen to me 😉 Have a great weekend! Sarah xoxo

  3. What a wonderful “summary” of this fairy tale! Reading your poem brings all the Disney scenes back to me. Isn’t it odd how kids are drawn to these often-gruesome stories?!?

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