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The Blue Man on the Highway

Part 3:

Shortie surveyed the library as the cop left. He decided not to do the show, and instead to sneak out a side door. He dashed into a gas station restroom to change from the Smurf costume into the Denver Broncos jersey. Blue man and a true, blue fan. Would he ever get the dye off his skin?  He was going to rent a car to get out of Colorado. When he made it to Texas, he was going to send a package to Switzerland, a rather long distance banking transaction that Vinny Two had arranged.

Who was Shortie, really? Did he rip the bank off to support Mama? No, mama was fine. She had done 15 years hard time herself for not snitching. Mama’s no pansy and although she is in her golden years, she doesn’t take a thing off anybody. Did he do it for Angelina, his one true love? He did not. She had turned out to be liar, a two-timer, a sneak…and well, he knew she didn’t love him when she tried to get him to sign up for a life insurance policy.

Why did he do it? Why did Shortie rip off the Arvest Bank of Colorado? He had never been exactly right since his job at the Cream Sandwich Delights cookie factory where he worked with the Delights putting the cream filling on each one, watching them roll down the conveyor belt to where the top layer was to added. The completed cookies rolling along and along on that rotating belt, day after day. They company had mandatory breaks ever 30 minutes, but something about that job just made him snap. He wasn’t cut out to be a thirty-year Cream Delights guy.  He had held it to maintain his cover of being a hard workin’ blue collar man, a man trying to obey the rules, but what do you do when your best isn’t good enough? He couldn’t live under a bridge, you know. No, Shortie felt that the world had wronged him. He deserved the money, he was generous and he would find some good in the world to do with some of it once he was safely away. He studied the scenery in his rear view mirror and noticed that the trees and mountains were giving away. He was in Texas now and the open highway in front of him was sweet and promising.



13 thoughts on “The Blue Man on the Highway

  1. So, the ending has hopes for the robber getting away or does his mother tell on him? Too bad she wouldn’t settle for some “hush money!” 🙂 Maybe she doesn’t know about his plans and he can getaway to a better life.

    Isn’t it funny, sometimes we all root for the robber, since it only hurts the bank and possibly the customers lose a penny interest or something. Lana, you had us wondering and some are sympathetic to him due to stressful and repetitive cookie cream filling work.

  2. I knew it couldn’t be wrong to back him and now with those further revelations I feel vindicated.
    I may slip away now believing his story ends happily. Or is there a fourth part detailing Angelina choking on a cream delight?
    Still a great story, LT 🙂

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