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As the world gallops

large and loud

hear the sigh

as smallness sings.

Needing something

nothing to branch wildly

perhaps a delicate lacing

of lavender

sheltering the past

in purple perfection.

Something small

fitting inside

a chamber of the heart

keeping certain

feelings at bay.

Something slight

to concoct a mountain

ultimately rising taller

but contained

just right now

in the palm of existence.



11 thoughts on “Smallness

  1. I like tiny pieces of nature or almost anything found in “smaller packages,” Lana. This was beautiful how you expressed the beginning of a mountain as it fits in the palm of your hand and how you hold sadness at bay in a small part of your heart. Seeds of hope sprouting out, kernels of new beginnings come to mind. . .

    • I have a very difficult time “grokking” poetry but after reading your comment, I re-read Lana’s poem and THEN the light came on and it made total sense – a beautiful write. Thanks for the explanation.

      • Sha’Tara, I think Robin makes my poetry sound better than it is. She also has a wonderful gift with words. I have a tough time reading some poetry. It seems to be an individual experience for everyone. I don’t consider myself a poet, but I force myself to attempt to write outside my comfort zone. Thanks for reading.

    • Thanks so much, Robin. I do like a small corner to get away sometimes. There is something to remembering how many things do start small and maybe the chambers of our heart divide feelings up to store in such a manner.

      • Thank you sincerely, Lana. ❤ Maybe your teaching helps to understand my "echo" processing.
        I just wonder if trying to re-state the other person's poem is to clarify it better in my mind?
        I will now retreat to the quiet land of smallness, where it feels good to rest away from all the noise.

  2. There is a beautiful serenity to your poem, Lana that managed to stop my racing thought on a busy day and consider ‘smallness’. You have some exquisite lines such ‘as smallness sings’ and ‘delicate lacings of lavender’. Those small chambers in our hearts help us cope with life on a whole, protecting something precious within us.

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