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Inside the Art Cube

Mixed media of desires

flowing right brain strong

blank canvas

pour out

dragon devouring prose

brushing flames of memory

shadowing depths of colored resistance

sculpting the future

a shapeshifter at work

center point of balance

unequal equilibrium

what pulls you up

spirals you down

make a mask

then crack the glass

of the Bell Jar

part muse, part demigod

lines and circles

drawn by a plotless soul

you there, crafty student

busy in that studio of life

creating, eyeing

spinning the color wheel round

teach us the secret language of hues

let it come from the heart

speak freely




4 thoughts on “Inside the Art Cube

  1. I like this, Lana. Your ideas flowed together and created a great canvas of emotions.
    There’s some references to things which are sucking out your power, your Muse and work. Hope the source of renewal will come into play. 🙂

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