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The wrath is upon us

magnificent storm

thunder roll, crash

sky lights in the night

cyclone racing thoughts

rain pelting

cosmos belting

hail blanketing

fast and furious

loud and fast

thunder smash

star glazed showers

galaxy cleansing

raindrops redeeming

brilliant terror

brilliant delight

til dawn touches softly

with her rosy fingers

offering reprieve

in daylight…



33 thoughts on “Thunderstorm

  1. I love thunderstorms. ‘Twas told to me by my mother that I was born 90 seconds before midnight in the middle of thunderstorm at Bedford General Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Always storming in Cleveland. Love the use of description and adjectives in your poem. You feel like you are there, looking out the window, watching the light show.

  2. when a boy in grade school my family lived in Liberal, k\Kansas, not far from north Texas. i’m an old guy now, but i still have vivid memories of those storms, so violent and so beautiful.

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