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Out on the court

basketball game is on

late afternoon sun

still beating down

double dribble perspiration

Gabriella watches with smoldering eyes

those boys on the court

running up and down

wolf loud, pack proud

playing too rough

shoulder jabs, fleet flying

these boys right tough

but she can shoot a ball

mid-court too

ain’t got nothin’ on her

but that cut edge

she can weave too

in and out of their game

so she darts in

face to face with Julio

he scorns her briefly

that girl acting like

she got game

oughtta know her place

she ain’t gonna out dribble him

cause he dances on soccer balls

arms like golden sand

he’s a puma with a ball

crowd gathers

the neighborhood evening time

grill smoke fills thick air

ice cream van is comin’

London Bridge is falling down

blaring from static speakers

no quinceanera for Gabriella

she’s not that girl

she is on the court

Mario, Quint, Dylan, Alvaro, Jose….

shuffle around her

wolverine walking

shark-sharp, tough boys

but they are no match for her

painted nails, winged eyeliner

eyes narrowing

Julio beating down the court

jump then fake-shot pass

ball rolls the rim without a net

Quint surprises her with the rebound

a perfect shot she has

she’s bringing game and desire

proving them wrong

proving that’s her place too

I wish I was that girl

all youth and golden

all fire and speed

all power and passion

the girl that owns the team

dances salsa past curfew

brings the heat

beats the boys…



10 thoughts on “Basketball

  1. I always think a piece of literature is great when it can capture the interest of someone who may not normally be interested in the subject matter (sports) and you’ve definitely done that here for me. “Singing me and Julio down by the school yard…”

  2. This is so in the moment. Our eyes are on the girl burning up the court, but the background details make it so real: I can almost feel the hot sun, smell the charcoal, hear the ice cream truck. Well done, Lana πŸ™‚

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