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Sanding years of varnish

off the old surface there

discarding days of firsts

1920s wedded bliss

sifted through the baseboard moulding

their time now done,

ashes to ashes

the shining vintage light

still hangs

hung all through those

bare,pained meals of the 1930s.

Sanding off years accumulating

the dust of ages

the 1950s Silvertone guitar

that mimicked Elvis

silenced now

in that debris gathered at my feet.

The once new

1960s station wagon

the almost Cleaver family

their story now scattered

dust particles in the house.

In that neatly sanded corner

sat a TV

where Nixon denied his accusers

where hostages were kept

gas crisis lines, oil embargo oasis.

Time in tango

but inside

the 1930s hutch cabinets

became hip to harvest gold

giving way to 1990s coolness

foreclosures in the 2000s

business Trump style.

Finally sanding off

my own history

a time’s layer cake

hoping to find

it all lighter now

sweeping the sand away

seeing the original hardwood

as it once was

the smell of pine

dissolved now

in the grains of years

the soul of time.



29 thoughts on “Varnish

  1. A lot of the varnish and layers have some good memories, Lana. ❤
    The 1920's brought my Mom and Dad into the world. They married in the 50's, that guitar sounds cool and collectable. 🙂
    I lived through some of these events and love the station wagon memories the best. Our family was never like the Cleavers. Mom worked and only twice a year put on an apron and probably baked five times. She never made bread but there were cakes and cookies. Once a year, New York style cheesecake. Yummy! This was lovely.

    • Good memories, I agree…older houses see many lives passing through. The idea for this came after we spent some time this spring sanding and refinishing the floors in our 1930s house 🙂 Thanks, Robin.

  2. Well done and creative! I have refinished a few pieces in my time so I appreciate the vision of scraping away varnish and perhaps paint. Someone may have to find the layers of today on the floor in the future. “The soul of time” and bare wood – I like that!

    • Thank you! I got this idea when we refinished our floors (which ended up taking forever) so now I think I am perpetually lost in that time vortex…lol. Yes indeed, lots of layers there. Glad you liked it 🙂

    • It probably is, ha ha. I use Pixabay almost exclusively (because it is free), so I always have limited options. I have found other image sites, but somehow I never manage to look anywhere else. I should’ve used my own photos, lol.

  3. Oh, this is beautiful. I love the layers of meaning – the physical sanding, the sanding off of the years and memories, the sanding away of the layers that cloak the self. I love it 🙂

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    L. T. Garvin is the pen name of Lana Broussard. She writes fiction, poetry, essays, and publishes a blog. L.T. resides in Wichita, Falls, Texas where the weather is hot and sports competition is tough. She has previously published poetry and a short story, A Night at Bailey’s Groceryin the Texas Writers Journal. (Texas Writers Journal asks that it have the notation of being previously published in TWJ if it is reprinted elsewhere.)

    Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete is an amusing story of a young boy’s experience with sports. Publication, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

    She has also penned a novel, Dancing with the Sandman, and a series of amusing Seuss-like poems. Publication, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

    Check out her blog on FaceBook:

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