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Murder in Mimosa…Story Excerpt

….Outside I continued to contemplate Deanna’s life mess. I decided she would just have to listen to reason. Her sordid activities were ruining an old family name. I waited, she did not appear. Since nobody in Mimosa finds it necessary to lock doors, I let myself in as I had done many times before. I called to her as I made my way from the antique furnished living room. Thinking Deanna was out, I decided to make some tea and seat myself on the screened porch. Tea cup in hand, I made my way to the chaise lounge. I’ll never forget the shock upon reaching the chair and finding poor cousin Deanna sitting there, shot through the heart, the cup crashing to the floor, the hot tea dripping from my wrist. I ran to the phone to call Sheriff Dockins; but I knew she was dead.

Sheriff Dockins and Deputy Martin arrived at the house. I was in agony. They made arrangements for the ambulance, and questioned me as to everything I had noticed. They asked for a list of people who might have wanted Deanna dead. Of course, I had to go into that embarrassing love affair with Wayne. This prompted the law officers to talk to Deanna’s friends and her business partner, Mona.

Days passed and we buried poor Deanna. Mother was quite a mess. Since the death of Deanna’s parents, she had filled that void in her life. Mother did a fine job picking out the best floral arrangements from Bud’s a Bloomin’. Everything was done in a most proper manner, but undercurrents ran rabid while the Mimosa Gazette went wild with scandal news. After all, this was the biggest thing since that butane truck overturned and the town had to be evacuated.

Wayne Holmes was stricken. Why did he have such rotten luck? Yes, he had to admit to the affair, but he did not kill Deanna, wouldn’t have wanted to kill her. Besides, he had not planned on seeing her that much longer anyway. Things were becoming dull and Jolene was putting pressure on him. Anyway, he had an alibi, he was on business in Culver City. Sheriff Dockins told him not to leave town until he could check it out…



30 thoughts on “Murder in Mimosa…Story Excerpt

  1. Hope they resolve the case of Deanna’s killer. Maybe Jolene did it?! The other woman . . . or the lonely, neglected neighbor man?
    Lana, you bring in good details! 🙂

      • Instalments is a great idea and I think you should seriously consider that – there are lots of eager readers waiting for this…it’s real tough with rejections and even though people say not to take them to heart, it’s not always so easy. BUT listen to us out here…this is really good, pulled us in and keen for more!

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