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Joshua Tree

Ain’t nothing magic

about Joshua Tree

as you venture there

on bended knee

no drink in the desert

to quench that thirst

clear air current

in the vast desert

cactus tree

laces like fingers

bell inside your head


dull pain shears

and tatters

caring for naught,

you stagger

bottle stupor, one life no cure

desert curse, course unsure

ain’t no magic here

no wizard spell

no breaks, no solace

no place to dwell

take your demon drink,

you know it well

decaying now,

this human shell



19 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. Beautiful poetry… but so lonely and sad. Especially loved the pic of the tree, the shape of the branches makes it look like there are kids climbing it, playing in it, hanging by their knees.

    • Thank’s a character sketch of a guy I created who is bent on self destruction. I’ve been writing a lot of gritty poetry lately, but my main thing is humor…you’d never guess that, ha ha.

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