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Spring Arriving

Nap if you will

in this perfect spring

dormancy awakened

just before summer

breathes its dragon fervor

casting a sunburnt crust

over this new, vibrant beauty

this hint of a quasi-promise

weaving a fine thread of solace

all gone too soon

Apollo draws his

golden chariot

fueling in turn

both poetry and plague

past where the sorrow kids speak

past where the muted hearts weep

Spring’s herald song

vast glory in color

fading out

before the fire winds

parch the dull earth

cutting the soil into bits

like overbaked brownies

Bringing us out of charmed wonder

our fleeting lullaby

to greet that

mammoth sun

spinning solar fire

axis swirling like mad desire.



18 thoughts on “Spring Arriving

  1. Beautiful! I try to enjoy fleeting spring and its colors while they last. Here in the Midwest, winter threatens to return even as the days get longer. But too soon, the puddles will disappear and my garden and flowerbeds will be the overbaked brownies of which you speak. Loved it. 🙂

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