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Narcissist Anthem

That 1980s chick

has aged just so

pretends she didn’t

thinks nobody will know

pumped up poster pinup

she might have been

kept on rolling

in that life of sin

Another silicone sister

who’s young BF just dissed her

hair piled high

but manners on the fly

That photo shop addict

a selfie slave

attention she wants

attention she craves

A diva with that

designer bag

disguises the bones

colors the hag

sharpens her nails

plans her next move

What is left

that she must prove?

A desperate race

with a determined clock

running the numbers

her future in hock…


16 thoughts on “Narcissist Anthem

  1. After the first 4 lines I thought you might have been talking about me…but no, I’m not quite that bad. Ha, ha! I think I’m more like the mom in that song 1985 by Bowling for Soup. Do you know it?

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