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Mind Mapping Distant Shores

Once upon a restless night, tormented soul rustles through lingering doubts…willful wakefulness as sleep elusively sets sail to a Mediterranean Sea…Monte Carlo there on the French Riveria, thinking of Princess Grace and cliffs, steep ones, down sloping sorrow. Focusing now on the past and progress… or lack thereof. Life unreeling like a sometimes bad movie. Music soundtrack rearranges as I seek a sunny room to hide from creeping fear, my new frenemy. Put the pen down why must all these random thoughts come at night like slightly unwelcome boorish house guests? The mind saying write this down, the fingers in quick rebellion turn to a soft pillow that beckons toward…Viking ships. Look, it is your ancestors there, a plunderous bunch, but they being brave, strong, took what they needed cutting through those crisp, icy waves, sails set full speed they spawned the children of wild abandon this being…long before those whalers departed from the East and netted 333 whales in the Antarctic…before Donald Trump fluffed his hair for the 43 millionth time along with the feathers of many Americans and a bird landed on a podium in the middle of a speech. Mind running like its missing the main character somewhere, but now a stranger with an agenda appears. He’s taking attendance in another world that I cannot pass through….I am just left of this list, doomed to walk listlessly through the time of yesterday, discarded child of the past, future splattered into little compartments of tomorrows that won’t be still or march quietly to their place.




17 thoughts on “Mind Mapping Distant Shores

    • Thank you. I do this stream of consciousness thing sometimes, and that’s right, oftentimes there are some themes buried there that could be explored….finally I go to sleep and can’t remember them the next day, lol 🙂

  1. Lana, I liked your terminology of “boorish guests!” Sometimes, I have negative or unsettling thoughts, causing loss of sleep. I liked the Viking or Nordic adventures. Glad you were able to finally still those errant thoughts, drifting off to sleep. . . zzz-z.

    • Robin, sometimes my mind gets busy at bedtime and sometimes I get some good things that i might be able to use, but I’m too tired to write them 😦 I really don’t have insomnia that much although I write about it a lot, lol.

      • Good to know you are sleeping most nights well, Lana. I do sleep about 7 hours a night. I think that is what my body clock tells me is my proper amount. 🙂
        Blogging and writing seems to keep my mind activated almost “too much!”

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