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Into the Night

There she was

appearing again

standing in the half-light

the moon in her hand.

Honeysuckle watfting

intense white

in the night.

Dreams speak of dragons

most honorable knight

diffusing dense magic

in the sultry moonlight.

A goddess of mystery,

a Centaur’s daughter

a Giver of Forgiveness,

a Crafter of Disorder.

Intoxicating thoughts,

a cosmic creation,

reality borders blurred

mind topples

from concentration.

From supernatural,

she comes

as myths she creates

feigned innocence at once

in tempting the Fates.

Reaching towards infinity

grasping thin air

like a dove in flight

a mermaid so fair.

And on distant dreams

such fairy children go

showering imagination

melting memories in tow.




18 thoughts on “Into the Night

  1. She has a wide variety of gifts and characteristics, Lana. What may be a study of contradictions. The beginning of a fascinating story behind her legend. 🙂

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