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Box of Chocolates

Why can’t life be like

a box of chocolates?

it’s not, you know

it doesn’t melt on your tongue

luscious, velvety smooth

dark enough to hide the sins of ages

sweet enough to absolve them

Life really should be

like molten, chocolate desserts

rich enough to inspire

envy you can savor

tasteful cocoa journey

just not too sweet

creamy throughout

If life could be melted

poured into

those fluted, little molds

mixed with fruits and nuts

a nectarous existence

preferably with less calories and guilt

more confectionery in nature

Until then

we hedonists

seek the aroma

of chocolate

that fantasy candy

a delusional surprise…



28 thoughts on “Box of Chocolates

  1. “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get” (Forrest Gump) I like to think of life as a Rubik’s cube myself.
    Nice little poem… a delusional surprise revealed by the bathroom scale…

  2. Life is good, when it’s good. But we all wish it was perfect, but it always seems to bring us down when things are going good. Cie la Vie!

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