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Where Does Your Poetry Go?

Where does your poetry go

when you wake unrested

from a restless night

does it rattle down that old road

like a rusty car

back to when the bell chimed the hour

in Bolin Science Hall

before the campus was revamped

when walking into those classrooms

looked like 1955 again

all Peggy Sue Got Married

Buddy Holly playing on the radio

Where does your poetry go

during that exquisite breakup

lipstick smeared, standing in the lightening

thunderstorm wrecking havoc

like witching taboo

before you knew he was a coward

and a looser

just before you made fun of Sheila Rutosky

for mistaking Journey for Night Ranger

then getting tickets anyway

just where does your poetry go

grasping the lyrics

of a disenchanted USA song

Springsteen pulling the varnish off

and St. Elmo’s Fire drama began

unfolding for real…




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