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The History of Moons

Looking upward this morning

that lingering, scheming white moon

still hanging in the early sky

with the sun just up

competing for world dominion

in great, golden hues

There were other

celestial novelties

long ago, you know

sliced moons, just a hint of mischief

great, full romantic ones

viewed while driving

in a silver Monte Carlo

flirting with the idea of love

and the brewing of disaster

Looking into dark eyes

smoldering, melting, dissolving

that ultimate thrill

winding, unfaithful river

thunderstruck in confinement

driving by my house

in the dead of night

no headlights

it’s way too late

heartache in every corner

of town

glaring daylight

fills an Algebra class

with a dark presence

uncomfortable reality

invariably an irrational variable

repetition of lessons lost

oh, the pains of wisdom

under that same moon

many moons ago…




8 thoughts on “The History of Moons

  1. I love your beautiful moon poem. You held the moon in the palm of your hand and captured it’s essence, Lana.
    I loved Cher in “Moonstruck” (with Nicholas Cage) and the song about “That’s Amore” with the moon like a big pizza pie, I think if I have it in my head correctly.

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