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One Starry Night

A night created

in exuberant madness

an artist undone

the talented, eccentric, angry one

mastered creation

in those swirling hues

the glorious brights

the serene blues

of a night sky askew

in ecstatic vision

this starry night

rolling barrage of blue

smell of cedar

in the crisp night air

the night bells ring

melding two places into one

in electric blended vision

under a luminescent moon

stars without bounds

gold dust soft sprinkled

oceans of light

to touch sparkling brightness

sewn like a ladder of silk thread

a symphony in the sky

pay homage to the artist

that genius of sight

oh but to go running

through that starry night…

Starry Night Interpretation

van-gogh-698329_1280 (1)


24 thoughts on “One Starry Night

  1. I had 5 and 6 foot sunflowers I painted on the end wall of my laundry room. I made them in a trio. They weren’t as lovely and dramatic as your homage one and VG’s crazy and wild frenzied sunflower. 🙂

    • Sunflowers are just lovely in any form and sound fantastic in the laundry room. Thanks for the gracious compliment. This Sunflower was courtesy of The Art Sherpa and everyone can paint with this funny, talented lady on Youtube 🙂

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