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The Pretty Girls

When pretty little mean girls

grab your favorite green exercise ball

and shun you there at recess

in your worn, glitter shoes

with the backs undone

and ankles spilling out

in unmatched socks

your little mind struggling

trying to find a reason

to see who they are

trying to forget what you are

wondering how they

got so lucky

in their perfect little

Children’s Place outfits

with their little pug noses

looking at each other

right in the eye

as they deny

your little place in the world

they don’t want the ball

but they want everyone to

accept their places

bow to acknowledge

little pretty girl faces



16 thoughts on “The Pretty Girls

  1. Lana, this was perfectly expressed. I really like how you described the “left out” girl.
    I was a brunette amidst the popular blondes. It was strange how my youngest daughter was born and looks like my Swedish grandpa. I mentioned many times in her life to “Be Kind” or “Act nice to everyone.” She became runner up for homecoming queen. She still is humble but I think parents have responsibility to ensure generous children and not raise “spoiled brats.”

    • Robin, I think it’s all pretty much in the parenting. It’s interesting how kids can take after their grandparents or great grandparents. sister got her extreme curly hair from a great – great grandmother which we found out from genealogy. My younger daughter has blonde hair and the cutest little perfect nose but also a heart of gold in true sensitive Pisces style. I sound like a hippie. .lol. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • I like blondes and have 2 best friends who were cheerleaders, Lana. We talk about how society labels people and while I was insecure about my looks; they were worried about their being taken seriously for their minds. I guess everyone has their “cross to bear.” I am sure you will raise a child who is compassionate and beautiful inside and out. ♡♡

  2. Beautifully written. And oh so true. I had weird orange hair and we were poor. I have a granddaughter with beautiful red hair. At four, she already knows that some little girls can be horrid. It’s a hard task to teach a child to be kind, considerate and fair, whilst also requiring that child to be strong-minded in the face of adversity. And it’s about so much more than hair colour … (I will get off my soap box now) Best wishes

    • Yes its really amazing to see extreme hate and willingness to sabotage in such young children. It makes me sad, and it’s very tough to raise a child in today’s world…maybe it always has been. Thanks for the compliment.

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