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Gulf Storm

When the clouds drop

low and ominous

reminding me of a

Gulf storm coming

after a pleasant fall day

digging a midst bulbs and sprouts

never saw that baby copperhead

small pit viper, it was

trying as I was

to make indentations

in that dark earth

masking thoroughly

the uneasiness of the raven’s nest

the troubles that dominate inside

lace ropes of frailty

wrapping the inner chamber

that storm due in

an uncertain flood plain

bayous cut deep

will swarm with gators, snakes

better to stumble upon the copperhead

and not the coral snake

red and yellow

kill a fellow

and even a brooding girl

with a petulant pout…

but I choose rather to think

of fall flowers

black-eyed Susan

rock rose

blood sage

and not lurking serpents

the curse of a malicious existence

so I leave that nightmarish daydream

not daring to delve

into the impending storm




7 thoughts on “Gulf Storm

  1. The garden hides all sorts of “perils,” which makes me smile in spite of myself. Aren’t weeds scary enough? 🙂
    The Gulf Storm title was a great deflector to the hidden truth within the poem, Lana.
    When I have scary thoughts, I replace them with happy ones, like the bouquet of fall flowers you mentioned. Lovely and interesting writing, as always.

    • Those weeds are perils indeed 🙂 I was actually digging in my flower bed in Houston and almost scooped up a baby copperhead. It was in the spring, and not the fall during hurricane season, though. The following fall, a tropical storm came in and stalled over the city for what seemed like an eternity leading to massive flooding. Some 2-story houses were under water. There were several bad floods when I lived there. Thank you for the compliment.

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