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Time Travel

If I fell through a wormhole

I would land outside her window

in midsummer

breathe the smell of pomegranates

ready for picking on that lopsided bush.

Twillia would come through the screen door

wafting aroma of lavender and lilac

smoothing her print dress

green eyes twinkling.

Those eyes that harbor a deep love

a grandmother’s love

our day would be alive

with possibilities

taking my hand

lifting my spirits

as though she had never

left me here

in this hard world.

And we would go

arms full of canning jars

pickles, blackberry jam, peaches

into the cellar

she would speak love in rhymes

in her kitchen

small, colorful bowls

filled with vanilla custard

her cup of hot tea.

We would enter that center

that harbors

stories and memories,

breaking the barrier,

skipping through time.





8 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I really love this and as always, my eyes get teary eyed. Just how your warm, loving and heart-felt words mean. Lana, she hears your words drifting up along the airwaves that heart strings connect the 2 of you. . . ♡ You break the barrier of time and space.

  2. Oh, it would be wonderful to go through that wormhole and be with the past but for a moment. You have pulled us in with colors, fragrances, images and textures down to that cup of tea where time lives again. Lovely!

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