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Escape with Aunt G. – Story Excerpt

It was nine o’clock in the morning when my phone rang. It was Aunt Gigi.

“Jimmy Honey, Hello,” she said.

Aunt Gigi?” I asked. It had been a late night because the Band and I had played the Starlight Club. I had a lousy bass player who would not schlep gear so it was just up to me and the drummer. The bass player was a freak.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” she said.

“It’s all good, Aunt G., how are you?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m ok dear, are you doing well?” she said.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I tell her. “What’s going on?”

“I want to go home,” she said flatly.

No minced words, it was on the table. Aunt Gigi was 84 years-old and her daughter, Arlene decided it was time to remove her. Arlene was worried sick about htings happening that she took Aunt G.’s rings and other valuables to her own house, for safe keeping, of course. Then she safely deposited Aunt Gigi in the nursing home. Not the nursing home in her town, of course, but stuck her out on the coast in a home close by where my sister Connie lived.

“Aunt Gigi, do you think you can go home?” I asked.

Aunt Gigi was a strong, smart woman. She had been my biggest fan growing up. She went to all my baseball games and music events too. No wonder she was my grandma’s best sister.

“Yes, I do. I want to go home.”

“What about help around the house, are you thinking Home Health?” I asked

“Yes dear, we could sign up with them.”

I was groggy, my right eye kept sticking and I found myself blinking with one eye, trying to focus and look through a keyhole while debating getting up and making coffee.

“Jimmy?” said Aunt Gigi.

“Yes ma’am?” I said

“When can you be here?”

“Well,” I stammered. “Aunt Gigi, I will have to research things, I will have to book a flight, I will have to see, are you sure? I asked again.

“Yes dear, I want to go home.”

I was staring at my Led Zeppelin poster on the wall. Although my right eye still didn’t want to open. I noticed that the top push pin had given way and Robert Plant was now upside down.

Aunt Gigi, let me get up and get started. I’ll call you when I can leave.”

“Okay, thank you. I love you dear,” she said.

“Well, I love you too,” I said.

I decided to get the low down from my cousin Soane, so I phoned her.


“Hey Jimmy….”

“Hey. I just got a call from Aunt Gigi. She says she wants to go home. You know anything about that?”……..



9 thoughts on “Escape with Aunt G. – Story Excerpt

    • Yes indeed, Marissa..maybe they were baseball running base players…ha ha..just schlepping along, or not 😉 I had an on-the-go sinus headache weekend and probably should have gone to bed about 8 instead of taking up the computer keyboard challenge. Hope you have a super week!

      • Oh no! Hope your feeling better! I was sick this weekend as well. Fortunately, I didn’t blog but I did go to my car while waiting for my daughter to have her guitar lesson and commented on a bunch of blogs before falling asleep!! Afterwards, I got some responses back and could barely remember what I had written.

      • I’ve been there also…I used to be so exhausted I would sleep in the car during some of my son’s activities. I’m better today, but I did not suit up and go out to face the Natives today. Hope you are better also 🙂

  1. The bond between a grandchild and a grandparent/great aunt or uncle is precious. I love watching my nephew spend time with my bedridden octogenarian mother. I think Jimmy will do whatever Aunt Gigi will ask of him. 🙂

  2. This makes sense and yes, dear Grandma Gigi needs to be broken out. Maybe a break but not permanently. Once in awhile my Mom says this and my brother says, “Do you want to live with us?” She usually will say, “No, not really. I have my friends here now.” 🙂

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