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Computer Lab Converstions

Today I am the Computer Lab Supervisor in charge of enforcing the rules among the natives: no games, no food or drink, no phones, no horseplay, and basically any activity where the natives would even approach contentment. Taking attendance is easy because everyone’s name is now,”Bro.”

Conversation begins with me giving the orders:

“Work on your presentations!”

“But miss, this is my presentation.”

“That doesn’t look like any business presentation that I have ever seen…”

“What??? No Miss, this isn’t a game-game…its a learning game. Hey Bro!”

“Did you just hit him over there? Didn’t I see to keep your hands… Is that a cheeseburger? Are you eating in here???? And you, where have you been?”

“I was in the restroom, Miss.”

“No you weren’t, that was too long, were you wandering the halls?”

“Seriously Miss, I’m sick, can I go to the nurse?”

“No, you MAY not go, you just want to wander around…”

None of the natives seem to be interested in business or a proposal or in promoting anything. I take a room survey trying to decide the hositility level. I’m wondering about Bro in the corner with his hood pulled over his head and his computer screen turned away from me. Should I be worried? The answer is yes, I should be. He does not want to discuss his business presentation either. Another native across the room has abandoned all pretense and is hard at work folding paper oragami birds.

“This is due this week,” I threaten them. I hear the unmistakenable beat of rap music through someone’s disallowed ear buds.

“Miss, I’m really sick…” the forbidden junk food, perhaps?

Then at some point, salvation by the bell….see ya later Bro!




6 thoughts on “Computer Lab Converstions

  1. This reminds me of the reasons I gave up teaching. When I had 435 6th, 7th and 8th graders and only three came to school to learn. I admire your persistence. Onward we go to teach the unwilling minds.

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