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Kung Fu Guru

This is Terek

his favorite food is squid

he became inspired

by the Karate Kid

Terek was impatient

with a bullying bunch

decided to learn

the one-inch punch

desiring to walk

in the way of the Dragon

learning tricks

so he could start braggin’

entering a school with dogma

by Bruce Lee

believing bully beating

is the best key

learning the ying and yang

whirling through the air

back flip for a black belt

chopping through a chair

building those muscles

so he could go hard

wax on, wax off

in the front yard

Never one to conform

in a Buffalo Stance

the unsung hero

gonna take a chance

dissing crazy ex-girlfriend,

gathering some tips

Terek took on

multiple back flips

but on his way to the ground

an elemental infraction

landed him in the hospital

locked down in traction



9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Guru

  1. Oh no! I always cringe when I watch those movies. And in The Karate Kid, didn’t Ralph Macchio end up breaking his leg or something awful and still winning? I think your ending is more realistic.

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