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Middle School Once Upon a Time

Foursquare school

stands as a lone steward

to another era

I half expect

to climb those stairs

to find that

blonde, mischievous boy

papers spilling out of his backpack

time spilling out for both of us

immersed full fledge

in middle school

a foot in two worlds

dropping him off

Hollister T-shirt army of kids

teachers call me in

behavior problems

suits up for sports

doesn’t make the A teams

crushed feelings

We climb the stairs for Open House,

choir concerts, basketball games

gym full of rivalry, sweat and heat

now just an imprint on time

adolescents and fragile crushes

the girls that wore Abercrombie & Fitch

waft through the former

junior high

now turned into an elementary school

seems a bit out of wack

I climb the stairs to the library now

half expecting to get a glimpse

through that thin cosmic veil

and find the boy

who roamed those halls

and left part of me there

stuck in junior high


9 thoughts on “Middle School Once Upon a Time

  1. Oh, those middle school days where the crushes felt so real! ♡ This is such a beautiful way of expressing the edginess of liking someone and even breaking rules, lingering in the school halls and all you described hit me like a ton of bricks, Lana.

    • Oh, so the boy in the hall was your son. Cool perspective, Lana. I like to feel that my children who are grown will always include me. It must be a little hard while your son is away at college. Thanks for listening to my interpretation.

      • Well that’s the beauty in the art of writing…the interpretation. The middle school trials and tribulations are rather universal for all of us, it’s just strange for me going into the school now and it’s an elementary and even though it wasn’t that long ago since he was a student there, it seems like a lifetime. Thanks for reading and sharing your wonderful comments 🙂

  2. I’m glad I read your response to Robin. Interesting. Middle school years are such a sign of the times. I can only imagine what the middle school my son went to will be like in 20 years.

    • It’s a sentimental journey for sure. It actually has only been 6 years since he was there, he’s now a college freshman, but the school has changed altogether and six years is a long time in a kid’s life. The LFO song is from a considerably earlier time, but contained the
      nostalgia of growing up in a particular time period and of course the Abercrombie thing…the t-shirts, especially Hollister are still a big thing here which is funny because the Rock Guy says Hollister is rural farming country full of strawberry fields and not a surfing hideout. I have written about it in the Ritchie Valens’ post I did some while back.

  3. This brings back some very wonderful memories, L.T. I can recall my first crush on a girl named Angela. Sigh. I must have flunked several tests just staring at her.

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