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Bonnie & Clyde

At the Old River Market

Bonnie and Clyde

hide among the shanties

no loose lips

shaky deal with the law

don’t ask, don’t tell

they are here in town

soon to be

bouncing along those back roads

searching another river bank

another opportunity

gunsmoke if needed

it was a harsh business

beating it back to

their safe harbors

Bonnie fame-seeking

on fire with passion

strong stance, photo presence

fast cars

the smell of cash

and stolen picnics

daredevil desire on the

razor edge of fear

accelerating full throttle

running headlong into

explosive death

notorious now in those

eternal flames


Photo Courtesy: Archives


9 thoughts on “Bonnie & Clyde

  1. Eternal flames indeed! Fascinating and excellent poem, LT. Your phrasing embellished the fast pace of these two villains.

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