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Venturing out eastward

Crossing the state line

back along highways bordered by swamps

I wander through southern, salty mists

along rows of former plantations

harboring the past

like the sad ghost caretakers

who live there now

heat fuels humidity

like steam through a boiler

mosquitoes big as helicopters

At a roadside cafe

fish and gator

thick Cajun accents

laugh at my curiosity

the road, the swamp, the mystery

fans out before me

Mindful of the speed traps

I enter the heavily hanging woods

swamp veiled by a voodoo curtain

People live on the houseboat

near the heart of the river

I’m at a loss

beguiled, I momentarily succumb

and just let time stop

through thickness and unfamiliarity

until I can find my way…



20 thoughts on “Louisiana

  1. Beautiful poem! The descriptions of the southern landscape, the former plantations, accents, gators and ‘mosquitoes as big as helicopters’! Wonderful descriptions, and an intriguing refence to voodoo. πŸ™‚

  2. Your Eastern drive from Texas showed the gradual changes over the miles, like passing into another century. Louisiana is quite an experience. I particularly loved the way you described the roadside cafe. All those strange characters with thick Cajun accents. I was lucky when I had learned Spanish for 6 years and had a young Creole teacher for French class. She gave me good grades since I spoke Spanish-accented French. πŸ™‚ She would regale her Ohio students with tales of Mississippi and Louisiana.

    • That’s a great story, I have known some Louisiana folks too, very cool. Spanish is my 2nd language also. I learned a little french before I visited there back in the nineties. Knowing Spanish sure made it easier.

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