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Hello at Twilight

I arrive

finding you

waiting on the steps

your eyes smile at me

my heart skates

you stand and walk toward me

I’ve waited a lifetime for you

it’s twilight

I bask in warmth and security

walking in the soon-to-be-darkness

holding your hand

learning the intricacies of your heart

the key fits…

separated souls no more…

the parking lot around us

no longer barren concrete

rather it is now filled

photo-shopped into a softer dimension

the world now looks better

taken from the abyss of a grave

to start anew


15 thoughts on “Hello at Twilight

  1. Lana, I am sorry to say this but I wrote a response but it didn’t make it here (maybe in your pending approval or my cell phone switched direction before it posted. . .) Anyway, I was going to say winter brings out my darker thoughts but this one felt upbeat. 🙂 More hopeful in the idea that maybe after reaching death, unspoken love reunites two lost loved ones. ♡

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