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Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

If not, then you might consider going to San Francisco.  In the land of the Extra Cold Weekend, I found myself looking through a recent trip that I took to this pretty-much-perfect place, and decided to share some of my photos.

ASF2 026

Alcatraz – a comfortable resting spot for Al Capone, The Birdman and other assorted inmates to reflect upon where things went wrong in their lives.


The city hall building at night, it is also pretty cool during the day time also.


The Palace of Fine Arts, a popular tourist place that still exhibits fine arts displays and is a popular place for those special photos.



The bridge, the bay, and the fog….it really is all that!


Chinatown, I loved this place and the food is great too!  Chinese lanterns everywhere.

ASFCraig 187

The Rock Guy in front of a giant Gibson Les Paul guitar.

SF 066

We should all paint our houses these colors.


This boat could be a painting idea.  The tour guides say that those infamous sharks “don’t come into the bay,” but I say, pass this boat by, and get a bigger boat.

My last piece of advice is to not forget to wear your flowers 🙂


14 thoughts on “Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

  1. Oh heavens – I haven’t heard that song since the 70’s!! I loved it!! I didn’t know he had died – he wasn’t heard of much [here any way] after this mega. I also love those houses – the architecture is eye catching and the colours are fabulous. I agree, we should all paint our houses like this! I’ve never visited San Francisco and have always thought I’d like to, so thanks for this wee peek.

    • I love that song, and I was also unaware he had passed on. I think this was just a one hit wonder, but would have to research to be certain. If you get a chance to visit, you will surely love it…The weather is usually always good 🙂

  2. What an outstanding post with beautiful photos! San Francisco is a city that has drawn me to her since I was a little boy. (My sister lives in Mill Valley across the Golden gate and up the road a spell from this great city) I visited her often when I lived in the west coast. She is a lady that is remarkably unique, full of character and mystery. Her beauty is legendary. I live over 3,000 miles from her today but there are times when I visit her even if is only in dreams and memories.

  3. I had just been about thinking Scarborough Fair on someone else’s post with spices like Rosemary and Thyme, Lana.
    I liked the San Francisco song. It was one of my favorites back then. . .
    I would like to go west of the Grand Canyon someday, many other places, too. Your photographs of California were gorgeous and included meaningful memories.
    I was blessed with trips to many places. My grandpa lived in Arizona, drove up with parents and brothers to see the East side of the Grand Canyon. Thank you.

  4. San Francisco looks like somewhere i should visit. My youngest son has been there a few times and loves it. I adored that song when it first came out – it was all so ‘hippie’ and ‘flower power’. Scott McKenzie’s voice is amazing. The brightly painted houses are great in a ‘touristy’ place like San Francisco. Many of the seaside towns over here have the whole fronts of houses painted different colours. I’m sure some people would object to them, but i think they add to the friendly, welcoming look. Lovely post. 🙂

  5. How nice to find your post on this cold day! I love visiting San Francisco and have been thinking about another trip out there this year. Your photos brought back memories. There is always something that I have missed before. Thanks for sharing your photos! And the song!

    • Sure thing. Glad I could brighten up a cold day. I’m certainly ready for spring. San Francisco is just amazing, it takes more than one trip to see and experience that wonderful city. Thanks, and thank you for reading 🙂

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