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Winter Moment

In the sudden, sultry stickiness

that is the South

walking down Maple Street

weather like pea soup

awaiting change

Christmas carols have faded out

reaching for lyrics

now to match the mood

of a north wind soon to howl

somber days

black, cold nights

untouchable dreams

that vanish

on the cusp of uncertainity

it’s winter now

wearing a white cloak

reality swinging wide

like a vast, unchained secret




10 thoughts on “Winter Moment

  1. So, is it pretty cold there? I’ve only driven through Texas on my way to CA, which, by the way, I left on New Years Day. I think I remember it being chilly but not crazy cold or anything. It’s been a pretty cold winter here. Great poem by the way! Really captures those after Christmas doldrums.

  2. I liked this and must have missed a few posts. Thank you for being patiently waiting my comments. . . 🙂 I thought I saw this opening in the sky and started a thought about it but see no partial replies from me.
    I am visualizing the door to winter on its hinge flying open and letting out an unchained secret. Fantastic poetic thoughts!!

  3. Nicely written! I’m not really surprised by the sudden change in the weather down there. Last time we spoke, you were loving the warm weather, but said that things can change quickly where you are. So now you have winter, too…at least for a short while. Just grin and bear it, L.T. It will soon be spring!

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