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Where the Story Goes

Perchance when the story comes

it will be too large to tell

melting into uncharted oblivion

smirking like a wayward imp

melancholy writer laboring

chasing the end

finding the lost along the way

only to be singed

intermittently patching that story

with mystical fabric

the tale winds around a circuitous route

the omniscient voice deciding

lovelorn or love lost?

the plot treads

between two worlds

crossing into the unknown

the Muse smiles

then scampers off into the moonlit night

the plot escalates

then decides to fall

perhaps there is

no story at all….



14 thoughts on “Where the Story Goes

  1. Stories so often take a different route to the one we’d planned so carefully for them. Something seems to step in along the path with a big ‘Divergence’ sign. As for characters . . . well, they never do as they’re told! Nicely expressed in your poem, LT.

  2. Very, very nice post. Love the typewriter … several of my stories started on one such as that … I do miss the clack, clack, clack of the keys striking a papered rubber roller …

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