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Holidays or Something Like It…

It is 80 degrees

on the 11th of December

giving the elves

a season to remember

The stockings are still hung

by the chimney with care

but the doubts linger

that the Jolly One will share

Santa opted for Tahiti

and thinks it’s vacation

as summer triumphs winter

in weird altercation

The lantana is exploding

in purple bloom

no sign of winter

no hint of cold gloom

Winter clothes sales here

remain flat

those furry boots

I may just send back

The chocolate Santas have melted

the mistletoe looks forlorn

my lights are just nagging

the garland is torn

The car needs a good washing

the lawn should be mowed

my gifts are unwrapped

and away they are stowed

My Seussical tree pops up

with all blue baubles

and even the cats

are not interested in sparkles

It seems we are

just out of sync

with Xmas coming

right on the brink

One day I’ll take off

in short sleeves set on sunning

that’s when winter will arrive

in all of its cunning!



21 thoughts on “Holidays or Something Like It…

  1. The thing that really hit home was when you set out in summer clothes, this will be when it is freezing! Kind if like when you ignore the weatherman’s forecast if rain: if you don’t take the umbrella, it rains but if you have it ready, it is dry as a bone. 🙂 Somehow, I just had to sort my gifts and found two people needing a little extra. Otherwise, I am scrambling!

  2. Fun poem! Living in New England, I’m just fine with the warmer weather. What’s important is the joy and love we share with each other during the holidays. Even if we’re wearing t-shirts on the 25th. 🙂 Happy Happy Christmas!

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and visiting my blog. The warmer weather is actually just fine with me too, I hate cold weather, and I agree also, it’s about the love and joy of the season that is shared among those we love. Happy Xmas to you too!

  3. I can’t say we go from one extreme type of weather to another at Christmas over here, L.T. – and I just can’t imagine it being 80 degrees in December. But this year, it’s definitely warmer than most years, which is seeming odd to everyone. But when it comes down to it, Christmas is wonderful wherever you are in the world, whatever the weather. And when Chritsmas arrives, who notices the weather anyway? A fun poem – and I hope your chocolate santas don’t melt.

    • Millie, you know I don’t remember a thing about hearing that it was going to be a mild winter, but I actually like it that way. I just hate cold weather. It really can be that extreme here. One year, we actually had record snowfall with a white Christmas. So we will take it, whatever may come. Thanks for the compliment, I’ve got those Santas on ice now 🙂

      • I imagine you’re used to such changes, L.T. but it must still be strange when the change comes so fast, and unexpectedly. A white Christmas is wonderful, but we don’t get them too often here (unlike they apparently did in Victorian times). I’m not a fan of being cold at all, but everyone still hopes for snow over Christmas. I love warmth and sunshine, but we usually have to go abroad to find it! I loathe the short dark days far more than the cold. I know I suffer from SAD, but thankfully, I can cope with it now I don’t teach. I used to leave home at 7.15 am in the dark (for a 45 minute drive) then spend all day with electric lighting, and drive home in the dark. That was a recipe for disaster for me. Now I get out and walk a lot, so I’m fine.
        Have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy feeling warm! 🙂

      • In those circumstances, I would probably suffer from SAD too, but we do have an abundance of sunshine in Texas even early in the mornings. I’m glad you can get out now and remedy that situation.

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