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The Blooms of October

A curt, little wind

cuts abruptly

stabs full through

heavy handed despair

sitting here

waiting for the sun

to throw off harsh

shadow bleakness

sift through

that broken hourglass

laden with memories

to breathe

and breathe freely

cast down

a silver thread of hope

perhaps a golden loop

to catch remnants of

sparkling shreds

broken bonds

now come together

then are lost at once

while gazing at

the moonflower vine

hanging heavy

on the porch lattice



10 thoughts on “The Blooms of October

    • Thanks Robin. I saw a moonflower vine growing on a dilapidated house in late autumn giving it a melancholy air. I grow these bush type plants not the vines. The magnificent flower blooms at night and has a wonderful fragrance although my spouse calls them a weed. When they bloom in mass at night, they embody an “unworldly” but very pretty quality. They have always fascinated me for some strange reason.

  1. A lovely poem, filled with memories but casting down ‘a silver thread’ of hope for the future. Your photo of the moonflower is wonderful. I’ve never actually seen a moonflower, but it looks a very beautiful flower with those tapering and curling petals.

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