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The Prism Light

In the prism

I see

refracting light

an ephiphany

of captured color

I am at once

imbued with hope

the lilting rays

glistening melody

a plethora of sparkles

shimmering shadows

embrace the spirit

capture the moment

mark the measure

create murmurous

melting patterns

vibrant, dancing rays

the prism light

an enchanting sight



11 thoughts on “The Prism Light

      • Well, L.T., I can say with all honesty that you write both prose and poetry beautifully! I loved the poems I just read, but your stories are excellent, too. Your descriptive writing in both is wonderful. 🙂
        Hope the teaching is still going well.It usually gets a bit chaotic in the last week before Christmas over here. So many students are involved in carol services and Christmas plays, the classes are totally depleted. Then there are usually end of unit / module tests to do – and mark! All quite barmy!

      • Thanks so much Millie. It is definitely hectic right now. To borrow a phrase “it’s rather like herding cats” might describe it, ha ha. I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season.

      • We haven’t really started doing Christmassy things, yet. Shops getting packed and the Christmas market are the start of things around here. Many houses have Christmas trees up already, but we don’t put ours up until a week before Christmas. When you’re in school, it all starts early, I know. And that business of ‘herding cats’ is all too familiar! I miss it, but I’m far too old to be teaching now. Time to leave it to the younger staff. Just make sure you wear full body armour for the last week! 🙂

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