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Monarch Anthem

Not long ago,

the butterflies came

and filled the sky

orange, black

magnificent sight

the fields were full

on a sunny autumn day

like a color-folded calm

before a fierce rainstorm

they came

alighting in our space

making all of us admit

the glory of a balanced world

this was before

forests began disappearing

habitats trimmed down

Now they come

in small numbers

enticing magic

in orange hues

as if to warn us

of a furtive mark

in a futile world


There was a time in the not too distant past when the monarch butterflies migrated through the North Texas area in great numbers.  There was one particular fall not terribly long ago when I remember them being everywhere.  Sadly, I have noticed over the past few years that there hardly seems to be any butterflies.  This seems to be another issue with our worsening environmental situation.  This example, along with reading an online article yesterday about lions and how their numbers are expecting to dramatically dwindle by 2035 is just really a sad testament.  I truly wish that mankind could do much better than that.


21 thoughts on “Monarch Anthem

  1. There are some signs here of butterflies and bees restoring their numbers. I am paying attention to that for I believe that every little thing done and thought of hope helps. There are so many who care and who are doing their bit! Let’s re-imagine; A future where they are prolific once more and those who care far outnumber those who don’t.

    • Oh that’s good news indeed! You are so right about helping In little ways. I wrote a newsletter article asking local citizens to plant milkweed and Lantana a couple seasons ago. I couldn’t find milkweed this last spring but I always have Lantana for them. I like a re – imagined future 🙂

      • Yes – that’s the way to go – excellently done!! We tend to grow something we call swan plants here [Gomphocarpus physocarpus] which brings them in and supports the cycle. I think it is a variety of milkweed. With your wonderful writing ability you could keep writing articles about ways of supporting them and then observe what happens………….

      • Thank you – I haven’t ever done just a butterfly painting – maybe when I have room to paint once more I might create something especially for the monarchs – I love them too and once used to have a hedge of swan plants and care for them during the caterpillar – cocoon cycle. It was wonderful!

  2. It’s always sad to read about species depletion, whether it be lions or something as small as butterflies. They’re so much a part of our lives on this planet, that to think of life without them fills so many of us with sorrow. It’s certainly a sad sign of the times and what humans have done to the environment. I’m so sorry to hear about the fall in numbers of those lovely monarch butterflies. Perhaps it’s just this year and tha summer conditions you’ve had? Let’s hope their numvbers are back up again next year

    • Millie, I do hope the numbers go up next year, but there have been very few butterflies through here for the past several years. I understand that a lot of their habitat has been taken down to use for buildings, of course there is always hope and hopefully people becoming aware…..

      • Oh, that’s very sad. I thought it was just this year. Habitat loss is the
        main cause of species loss, but I don’t know what the answer is. Perhaps more awareness will lead to government legislation although, personally, I think the chances are slim. Housing and economic development will always take precedence. I do understand the need for housing. This is a big issue in such a small country as the UK. More and more ‘Greenfield’ sites are encroached upon every year. But, as populations grow, people need to live somewhere. I do hope your wonderful ‘Monarchs’ pull through.

      • Yes it is very sad. The Monarch butterflies fly through Texas on their way to Mexico where they spend the winter. I believe maybe they could be tearing down the habitat for hotels, etc. for tourists. Very sad….

      • Nothing stands in the way of progress – whether it’s industry or the tourist trade. I know these things have to be catered for, but sometimes the environmental damage is irreparable. Poor Monarchs.

  3. My Gallant Woods book club read an imaginary migration of Monarchs which didn’t make it to their destination and it found itself in Tennessee. Barbara Kingsolver’s book, “Flight Behavior,” which does have a farming community, great characters and a scientific research team. This is such a great way to remind everyone of how we act towards out environment drastically effects nature’s living things/creatures. I love Michael Jackson’s song; was it called “Nature Song?” The way it sounds like a keening cry brings tears to my eyes every time.

    • It is always good for people to be reminded that how they act toward the environment really does have an impact on our world. Yes, I think I remember that song, I may need to listen to it again to refresh my memory. Thanks for reading my posts 🙂

      • Thanks again. I also enjoy your blog, all the cool buildings, and the door posts, sunsets, and the various events you post about.I hope I can still come up with things to write too, ha ha. I stopped posting my short stories because if you want to submit them to publications, most consider them to be already “published” if you put it on your blog. I think that one is a bit unfair…..

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