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Mrs. McLoon, Jared Leto and Love Potion Number 90

I really must tell you

if you haven’t been around

about Mrs. McLoon

wrecking havoc in our town

she decided Love Potion Number Nine

really wasn’t that fine

so she decided to go and up it

and in the process she gulped it

Before I could finish my

layered burrito

Mrs. McLoon fell in love

with Jared Leto

Now he might have been busy

at 34th and Vine

but poof! in an instant

he was here on time

She had been mixing

that stuff in the sink

but here was Jared Leto

in a moment’s blink

It still smelled like turpentine

Mrs. McLoon, her plans divine

She had seen him dressed as The Joker,

and she had done the math

Love Potion Number Ninety

now mixed up in the bath

She took off a few pounds,

she took off a few years

and said to Jared Leto,

“Drink and calm your fears”

Mrs. McLoon even went out

and got some gold tatoos

she “unspelled” the wolfman

and undid three taboos

now the former wolfman

is just a flop with chicks

and even McLoon’s dog

simply does average tricks

Jared’s model girlfriend

is nowhere to be found

Mrs. McLoon, the jealous witch

continues to astound

Will she finally kiss a cop?

Will this madness ever stop?

now Jared doesn’t know

if it’s day or night

Mrs. McLoon is crafty

really quite a fright

Halloween party, Mrs. McLoon

in her cape

I’m rooting for Jared Leto,

I hope he can escape



10 thoughts on “Mrs. McLoon, Jared Leto and Love Potion Number 90

  1. A sorry state of affaris for poor Jared Leto. I, too, hope he escapes. Another good one or Halloween, L.T.
    I haven’t heard that old Searchers song for years – and the last time I actually saw the Searchers, I didn’t think they looked young at all. Now they look like mere lads!

  2. I love the song and how you were so inspired, Lana. ♡
    Being an older, single woman I sympathize with someone who wants to dabble in love potions and magic. Maybe Jared will find happiness with Mrs. Mcloon? 😉

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