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Monster Mash Ball

Imagine my surprise

late one night

out shopping all day

home within sight

My house all lit up

as if a party was on

there in my car

I was all alone

Nevertheless I went inside

with what greeted me

no place to hide

Party on full

lights on bright

a host of monsters

gave me a fright!

For while I was out

spending my cash

My home became host

to the Monster Mash

There was Frankie and Lilith

dancing a twirl

and Igor and

Dracula biting a girl

My antique lamp toppled

green slime on the rug

my shock when the Wolfman

asked for a hug

Frankenstein and a goblin

macarena dancing

Jason and a witch

Halloween romancing

Frankie said for you

“This mash was meant too”

I had nowhere to run

and what could I do?

I sampled witches’ brew

that I think was plain rum

declined the frog legs

played Wipe Out on drums

Elviria said,

“Wear this on your head”

a sequined headband

for the Day of the Dead

Three little ghosts ran

my cat down the hall

Chucky in the corner said,

“You’re nothing at all.”

I was beginning to worry

wondering if they would stay

but as it happens

they vanished before day

If you come home one night

to a Monster Mash Ball

disquietude, destruction

and an all-out brawl

Nothing can you do

nowhere to run

Let it all hang out

and have some fun!

frankenstein-394281_1280 (1)


23 thoughts on “Monster Mash Ball

  1. Sounds like my kind of party! Why spoil things when you can join in and have such fun. Wonderful poem, and I love that old song. It’s years since I heard it. Thanks for that. 🙂

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