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When The Chicken Crossed the Road

When the chicken crossed the road

I was walking with too-tired feet

and a too-smart border collie

When the chicken crossed the road

I admired him there bold

the black, speckled feathers

the red comb

I was not to worry

then the dog’s ears flew up

sensing something…

My grip was firm

he understood

though out of sight

is truly out of mind

Then I happen to stumble

briefly upon a rock

and the leash in my hand

flew out like a bullet

The sensible collie

at once was free

the temptation was too much

for a good chase, you see?

It’s what they do,

those collies

they herd

And that speckled


she was a running bird!

That hairy dog

he has sharp teeth

and a speckled bird

doesn’t want to become meat

So she ran down

into a river ravine

where she dissapeared instantly

nowhere to be seen

So when the owner came out

calling her left and right

Well you know I wouldn’t say

Sam gave her such a fright!

R ambling in the street

U nder blue sky so rare, we

N ever saw a fowl!

The disclaimer on this is that “No chickens were harmed in the making of this little story.” This is also mostly fiction (if you read the fine print you will already know that I do make many things up). I did; however, see this exact same chicken when walking my dog, and his ears did perk up but we went onward without further ado. The inspiration for this post came from fellow blogger, RaineFairy and her blog, Tweak and Shout She writes lovely acrostic haiku poetry that is much better than my paltry attempt above. Happy Friday everyone!



25 thoughts on “When The Chicken Crossed the Road

  1. As I was reading it to myself, I was imagining it to my 4-year old son with ASD who loves the sounds of words and rhythm in stories and poems. He would so love this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do understand your predicament, with a border collie you may well be walking a dog who is way smarter than any human certainly, and the chicken, well, her maybe just herded it.

  3. You’re right, that this other sight writes great poetry. I enjoy getting your poems. This one is adorable, almost like a child’s nursery rhythm. My poetry is very lacking but I do enjoy taking a pen to it occasionally. I hope you will read my words, one day, and let me know what you think.

    Dee Vaal -Author

    The Living Miracle A Love Story

    • Thank you so much. Yes RaineFairy is terrific. I appreciate you reading and commenting on my work. I will definitely take a look at your site. I have never considered myself a poet. I’ve written poems on and off for years. I think we are always evolving as writers and we learn a great deal along the way.

  4. Well, Lana, I could imagine the whole scenario from your partially true “fable.” We had a collie, a shelty, a dalmatian and a beagle mix, each were able to chase, only two were able to catch. My brother has a golden retriever who caught a baby squirrel and he instantly dropped it showing remorse. My brother and my then young children took the squirrel to a nearby nature museum and preserve. They reassured the kids they would help raise the squirrel but we did not go back just on case it died. A chicken might be harder to catch and possibly ” mean,” Lana. Loved the poetic and story telling feel of this post. 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed the rhyme, the rhythm and the imagery of that poem, L.T. I love the idea of the sensible but hairy collie with sharp teeth and the chicken that didn’t want to become meat. A fun read and so well written. 🙂

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