Halloween / humor / Poetry

Mrs. McLoon and the Werewolf

The witch Mrs. McLoon

harbors a grudge

She dislikes her neighbor

he’s such a drudge

Mrs. McLoon decided

to change Sid one day

She had had enough

going to make him pay

Mrs. McLoon was to get even

so you know what she did?

Decided to turn him into a werewolf,

this poor fellow Sid

She mixed a concoction,

a potion so stellar

Meaning to turn Sid

into a wolf fella

She planned a big, wild werewolf

to howl at the moon

Oh, she was bad,

that savage Mrs. McLoon

Something went awry

with that particular spell

Sid was no werewolf

out haunting the dell

Instead with that potion

he transformed true to task

Sid then became

the green guy from Mask

He hyped up and he ran

and he painted the town

The old Sid we once knew

became quite the clown

He captured Cameron Diaz

and zip in a flash

He was robbing banks, tackling gangstas

and spending the cash!

Mrs. McLoon was befuddled

no wolf fella was he

So we watched her late night

as she brewed special tea

Sid seemed pretty happy

more popular now in green

And townspeople prefer

no werewolves to be seen




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