Civil War / war

Trapped at Antietam

There you are

enveloped in mists

on that sad, beautiful battlefield

far removed now

from that bloodiest day

in history

attacks, counterattacks

tragedy at Sunken Road

armies flank out

to the right

to the left

Lee stoically committed

dug in there

a cold hillside indeed

bullets strewn

over bridges

into hedges

through Miller’s Cornfield

under the shades of night

fragile shadows bowed and tended

to the sick

to the dying

shore up the lines

one more time

make a stand

as fettered out to you

by men in top hats and coats

one more round

before the wounded army

gathered south of the Potomac

the Proclamation was written

its time to take down your flag

your cause was unjust

now mourn that boy there

the one that is trapped

inside those mists

who lives that battle

for all eternity

“I felt this way in my past

a Maryland September day,

I may not ever come back

but I gotta be brave.”



Boy Photo:

Cannons Photo: Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Trapped at Antietam

    • Thanks Marissa. No, I was talking about doing a post on Bowling for Soup. They have a song called My Hometown where they pretty much blast our fair city. While I have to say is that most of the perceptions of Texas are stereotypical, this place is actually what most people think when they think of Texas. The only music here is pretty much country, it is in the heart of the Bible Belt where people have “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.” They write letters to the editor that the whole town actually reads which is what happened when people found out about that song and wrote unflattering letters so that BFS’ parents were made uncomfortable, etc. I don’t know if I can convey those sentiments for readers who don’t understand the “culture” of this place. It is a wonder that a rock group ever came from here….

      • Oh, I see. Yes, I was totally confused. Well, it’s certainly pretty interesting to me. Now I’m curious to hear the song although I’m in the office with my boss so…It’s pretty common for people to feel like blasting small town mentality, especially if they escaped it. I lived in Brooklyn but all the way out and there were a lot of people who just thought I was a weirdo and bullied me for being different and I actually wrote a song about it. The only difference was mine never made it anywhere. Ha, ha! But it doesn’t mean I hate everything about the city anyway, although that’s not necessarily to be in defense of BFS.

      • Oh I’m actually glad they wrote it, ha ha. The townsfolk drive me nuts, I don’t really know why I stay here, it must be the wonderful climate, not! They did “make nice” at the recent festival by revamping the lyrics to say “we hoped you stayed in our hometown” instead of we hope you got the bleep out. I think a lot of us write about those turbulent high school years, I know the Rock Guy wrote one called The Bullet about his arch enemies. It’s cathartic 🙂

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