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College Life, Greeks, Creepy Guys in Houses

I was just thinking the other day about labels, putting labels on people, and the problem of labeling. In one of my classes this week, I was notified by a student sitting a table who was mad at the others around him. He looked at me and said, “They called me blonde!!” Hmmm. I thought, is that a bad thing, I mean teacher girl here is, umm, blonde. I’ve always kinda liked my hair and never paid attention to blonde jokes. Another student in second grade was upset and came to tell me, “They are saying that I’m OLDER than they are!” Well, hmmm again, somebody has to be older, but not me, I don’t even want to talk about age, ha ha.

I guess it is not always about what is being said, but who happens to be saying it. If they don’t like you, then it can’t be good. Take the Teenage Hunk who is now College Boy. I’m not labeling him, that’s what I call him. College Boy, however, is too busy to call his mom so I hear from him infrequently and usually when he:

Runs out of money

Runs out of food

Runs out of homework excuses

I do have to give him credit for laundry. He does his own quite well. He was actually voted best dressed in high school. Seriously, with two older sisters, this kid can appreciate a shopping mall with the best of ’em. I’m learning a lot about campus life these days as College Boy, who is still technically a Teenage Hunk is taking over the world at the university. Sadly, I do believe that the labeling system which is put into place in Pre-K is still alive and well in college. College Boy was just explaining his social life to me the other day. His social life consists mainly of a fraternity, and I must say, I have never really thought that was a good idea although I must say again that the local college has many Greeks (the inclusive name for all sororities and fraternities) that take on many terrific community volunteer causes.

Many people believe that these organizations formed to continue the clique lifestyle that we all experienced in high school. By many people, I specifically mean Bowling for Soup as evident in their song, High School Never Ends. Anyway, after all the dirt settled, College Boy was cut from his first choice of Greek Coolness, but seems to be happy with the group that he landed in. He was apparently thankful that he did not end up with a couple of fraternities as he commented:

“The TKEs and the Sig Eps, well really mom, they are just creepy guys with houses.”

Of course, that is his assessment and not mine as I am completely ignorant regarding who is this or who isn’t,but I’m sure the second graders will be informing me shortly, and now I strongly caution all of you to stay away from those “creepy guys in houses.” Also if you are going to label someone else, make sure they are truly creepy.

Photo Credit: The Scream Meets Creepy Clown by A-Dawg13 @ Deviant



14 thoughts on “College Life, Greeks, Creepy Guys in Houses

  1. Bowling for Soup are awesome! I do remember that when my son was in preschool he was one of the few kids that still wore a diaper. He came home one day saying “The kids said I wore a diaper” and I said “Well, you do”. My son trained pretty soon after that. Maybe labeling isn’t always the worst thing.

    • Hey, I’m glad you know of BFS..they are from the home town here and we’re just in town for our final Falls Fest, rock n roll comedy 🙂 I guess there may be a positive side to labeling also, sometimes boys do take longer to do things.

      • Oh yeah, especially with the diapers. I don’t know how yours were, but I think most boys just have no problem being gross!! Ha, ha! Yes, BFS are awesome. Got turned on to them when my son did the song 1985 for his rock camp. That song is about me!! Ha, ha! My husband has a friend who writes with them.

      • Boys will certainly be boys, ha ha. I love the 1985 song, I may know someone else it could be about too, ha ha. It really is a small world. I may do a post on BFS, but it might only be funny if people really know this town, and since nobody from this place reads my blog it might not be fun. I’m sure those guys are as lively in person as they are on the stage.

  2. I think you are right – it’s WHO is saying it – and how it is being said too I guess ………… Second graders of course mostly take it all so personally 🙂 Oh no wait – that’s all of us mostly take it personally 🙂 Best to let it all slide off onto the floor then. Great post!!

  3. That really made me laugh. I’m sure ‘College Boy’ will do really well in College. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what age do students attend College in the U.S.? I believe it’s 16-18, but I might be wrong. In the U.K. students stay at school, in the 6th Form (Years 12 and 13) until they’re 18, then go on to university, if they so choose, or other training or career.
    I’d never heard of Bowling For Soup, being the old fuddy-duddy I am, but my daughter’s just filled me in about them. The video was funny, though!

    • Millie, on the average, students graduate high school usually when they are 18 and become college freshmen; however, some do graduate early if they are gifted and take A/P courses, sometimes dual credit courses and then go ahead and attend college. I would be cautious sending a child too early because I think they would not be mature enough to handle it, but that’s just me. I have surely missed College Boy, he is quite a bit younger than the other two. I am also an old fuddy duddy, ha ha, but I adore rock music and I still listen to contemporary stuff on the radio (when I like it). Bowling for Soup is actually from my small city and they are hysterically funny…sort of rock ‘n roll comedy 🙂

      • Thank you for explaining all that. I think I was just getting confused with high school and college. As for missing College Boy – I know exactly what you mean. I felt just the same when my youngest – as son – went off to university.
        If Bowling for Soup come from your city, you must feel some kind of ‘hometown pride’. I felt like that about The Beattles. 🙂

      • Yes I guess it just takes a little time to get used to him being gone. I am pretty proud of BFS, their music was not popular locally, but they managed to be heard outside this town. Oh the Beatles, my goodness…the most amazing band in history, changed history actually…that’s just me 🙂

  4. I liked this post and see both sides of labels. I liked the references to your college boy. I would be happy he is able to bounce back. And he is good at laundry. Avoiding creepy people anywhere, but especially during Halloween, ones in houses is a fantastic suggestion. Lol

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