Education / Students / Teaching

Teaching is…

Turning in my P.R. keys

Going back to those

who might need me

Classes full of

boisterous, jostling


talking too loud

not worrying

about the mechanics

of English grammar

they say

The Count of Monte Cristo

is too boring

Pride and Prejudice is also

I almost might agree

but its really about

building character

deepening understanding

as I well remember

my own distaste

for A Tale of Two Cities

meaningless outline

crafted by a would-be

English teacher long ago

I must make them see

knowledge is power

build in them

the drive to succeed

teach them a little

something about humanity

and respect

Respect others

Respect themselves

I will have

50 minutes per day

to accomplish this

Teaching is a lot

of things

and not for the

faint of heart….



10 thoughts on “Teaching is…

  1. So, are you a teacher? Sorry if this seems daft but I thought you had some sort of customer relations job. Anyway, definitely challenging to be a teacher and there are so many subjects that make the eyes glaze over. I guess it’s all about exercising the mind though.

  2. You are right – teaching is not for the faint of heart! I substituted at the high school level for a couple of years and decided I did not want to go back and get certified to teach but it was a good experience. Good luck – you will do great!

  3. I salute you for taking on a teaching job! It is never easy to switch career path even more so to choose such a selfless role! Thank you for taking out your effort, your patience and your emotions to share the knowledge to the next generations.

  4. I admire teachers very much. I was a middle school language arts teacher in the beginning of my career.
    In the end, loved preschool special education (8 children with special needs integrated with 4 typically developing children twice daily) for my last 9 years. I retired due to not completing my Master’s degree before 2008-No Child Left Behind Act.

    It was always fun in my classrooms to decorate and help set things up for the year. You will be anazing, L. T.
    I am sending you big hugs for this special profession. You are touching lives, L.T.

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I am substitute teaching in order to see if I can take on a permanent position. I just had a class of 2nd graders on Friday…first time in ten years back in the classroom…it was wild, ha ha!

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