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Short Story Excerpt

From Ascension Falling
The next thing I heard was a “WHRRRaw” like something stretching, then a “THUD” as it hit the side of the tractor cab. Next thing I knew, Ascension was right there with me and we were facing old man Vince.
“No you woreee, we get fixed,” said Ascension in broken English.
    The world catapulted along in space, the seasons came and went and life in that small town was like a John Cougar song until Paul Richmond decided he wanted to be a cop.



9 thoughts on “Short Story Excerpt

  1. Great and intriguing piece of your book, L.T. Finding the ending will help complete this, like the end of putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It will all “fall into place.”
    In the middle of the night, either in a dream or your subconscious mind, you will find the final chapter, L.T. 🙂

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