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Poetry Thursday

Diving down in murk
Spearing fish for dinner
Behold tiger shark!

It’s almost school time
Get out the sensible shoes
Tell them grammar is cool



8 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday

  1. I like all parts of language. I used to write more posts with plays on words and different definitions of the same word. Good luck and enjoy your teaching experiences, L.T. My Mom taught for 30 years high school basic English, Spanish and the gifted kids World Literature. She said to, “Never let them see your fear, but ask them what they know.” I used the 6th grade students when I was 23 to help me make up the rules for the classroom. I also would choose one bulletin board to leave blank. The first day of school, the “smart -ss” got to be t he one in charge of it. This really worked and shut d I wn their need for cracking the class up, too. You can make up a name, Rock Block, Bulletin Board King = BB King, Student Assistant, Teacher Assistant or ? ? Sometimes making the class clown a cool helper makes them go onto be a teacher (true story). Smiles, Robin

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