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Did Funny go to Sedona?

Recently it seems, I’ve lost my sense of humor, so I thought I would repost an earlier topic when I thought I was ready to head for Sedona.  I am still missing the teenager and his multiple messes, the one who is now happily ensconsed away at college.  Then below is a new idea where I am imploring the Funny One to maybe cut me some slack.

I think I would like to drop everything and head to Sedona, Arizona. Why is this? Well what better place to commune with nature to enjoy the red hills, dry air, and in general, just forget about every day annoyances. Some of the things that I might choose to forget right now are:

  • the neighbor who glares at me, then blocks my drive: then again….
  • the mini fire that started on my back porch
  • those pesky last 5 pounds
  • how behind I am on reading….and dusting things
  • my teenager and his multiple messes
  • that it is baseball season on TV, soon to be replaced by football with all my camo-wearing, 4-wheeling, hunting happy fellow townsfolk
  • the governor, maybe….
  • the poor, disturbed lady who was madly searching a pile of rubble for a lost barbie shoe
  • the person with a full cart of groceries ahead of me in the express lane
  • the intern student in the office who spent an entire day scribbling signs and penning sayings such as: “Bleep the Vice Lord”
  • the Vice Lord, whoever he is…


When Funny left me

she let me down hard

turned the corner sharply

at the Avenue of Despair

She took my sense of humor

and deposited it like a bad check

She took happiness

and packed it up

in Louis Vuitton

Funny, I never knew

she was so materialistic

I can’t understand

how she could exit


She gleamed of

no remorse

“Get out your hanky, girl,”

she said with a smirk

How could she allow

me to melt in all this gloom

in a Cyclone of Sorrow

and to persecute me?

she said,

“Would you really

rather have

some nervous energy?”

Funny, yes she left me

headed for the hills

I rather thought

she preferred the beach

Then I asked her kindly

“Do you think

you’ll be back?”

She rolled her eyes

and sniffed softly

in my world of Blue

and said,

“Dahling, you know

it really depends on you…”



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