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Writing-L List

This is an information-seeking post, probably not too entertaining but don’t let that stop you from reading.  Long ago and far away in the days when the Internet was relatively new (late 90s – early 2000s) there was a site called Writing List that I believe was associated with Rootsweb.  Rootsweb is a genealogy site, so it all began there, but other areas sort of came from that one.  Various writers would post their work there.  I posted some of my work also, and to make a long story short, I no longer have copies of it.

crying-146425_640 (1)

I have searched many different terms to try to find it utilizing all of my sshhing and searching library skills, but to no avail. Isn’t everything you put on the Internet supposed to stay on there?  Isn’t that what we always tell our kids?  That’s what I have been telling the little mister as he heads off to college this weekend.  Beware the Internet, unless of course, you are trying to find something you actually need and not those horrible party photos from 1985.

So here’s the deal, is anyone familiar with this list?  If anyone is, is it perhaps still accessible?  Is there a knowledgeable Techo-Guru out there?  Maybe not, so kids, let this be a lesson.  Always back up your work, and maybe, gasp….keep some paper copies of it too.  Poor, poor pitiful me.


14 thoughts on “Writing-L List

  1. mmm, perhaps you could search for a cache version of that site. I use cachedview (add a dot com) to see the page around its existence. It works like seeing photographs of a web page across several years. Hope it could be useful to you. Good luck!

  2. I understand. I lost the first three manuscripts for my novella series when my computer crashed last November. Dropbox is what everyone told me to do. Yeah, great, but you can never retrieve in hindsight. I also do cover and design work. My designs were on my company website, but when I copied them, they were too small to use for anything else. I hope someone can help you. Very frustrating when it’s such hard work to complete a book. Good luck!

    • Oh that’s terrible, I can certainly relate. It is a very difficult thing to loose work that you have spent so much time producing. I learned early on to save my college papers every paragraph or so :(. Maybe I’ll get lucky and run across my work, otherwise I guess it’s out there lingering somewhere. Maybe my great grandkids will find it and ask themselves, “wonder why she didn’t put this on her blog?” Or maybe they won’t be able to find the

  3. 15 years in computer history is like going back to the dark ages. I was recently informed that my MacMini at 7years of age was vintage. All the best in your quest. Sorry I can’t help[

  4. I used Rootsweb early on looking for ancestors…must have totally missed the Writing LIst…so I’m absolutely no help to you whatsoever. It is amazing what actually does keep turning up on the internet year after year. Hope you find the internet guru who can help you 🙂 🙂 🙂

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