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Sick Day

In pursuit of that 8 – 5 wealth

Sometimes we must consider

our mental health

Staring at a computer screen

all day every day

Assaults the imagination

makes your hair turn gray

You might feel stress mounting

with that OCD girl in accounting

And like most places to work

my boss is a jerk

So redundant, I know

stapling papers in a row

Then there is

Last Minute Ralph

who runs at the mouth

And of course it’s Dee

looking busier than a bee

My mind wanders the halls

as I take stupid phone calls

Skip over to the next day

there arrives a party cookie

I think its high time

for me to play hookey

I tidy up the insignificant things

I must do

Plan for my sick time

my MIA coup

Call in sick the next day

not a care in the way

Sneak out of the house for lunch

Like a gangsta to the punch

In my favorite fast food joint

I’m like a carefree boho

Then I turn around and


Imagine my surprise

when what did I see?

My boss waving in line

right behind me…



5 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. This is uncannily like some work related issues I experienced. Your version is far more grin inducing than mine though LT, in fact you can look forward to a decent appraisal and promotion 🙂

    • Phil, I live in a “smallish” size town, so this scenario, though fiction, could truly happen, lol! It is advisable, if one should require a sick day, to stay hidden out at home. 😀 I definitely need a promotion, ha ha!

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