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Sometimes breaking the weekend routine is difficult….but here’s to having a great Monday, if it is possible to have a great Monday 🙂



12 thoughts on “Insomniac

  1. Insomnia is something so many people suffer from, the fortunate ones only now and then. Your acrostic describes so well the awful feelings and thoughts as the hours seem to tick away so slowly.

      • I suffered with insomnia for years. Only since i’ve retired has it improved. Even now, I have odd nights when sleeping’s a no-no. Sunday night’s a pain for many people. Commiserations, L. T. 😦

  2. So difficult to keep your mind still, especially when you are working on something. The only relief is to complete something, however small, and relax for a while. By the way, thanks for following “Oodles”; it is complete for the time being, (though there might be an “Oodletoo”), but you can always dip into the Archives. I’m currently blogging “The Raven”, which is a completely different kettle of fish!

    • Sure thing, and thank you for likewise visiting and commenting on my blog. I will check out the archives. “The Raven,” is it a tribute to Poe? I’ll check it out also. You are definitely right about completing something small would help to relieve the worry over what all I haven’t finished. Thanks again!

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