humor / office / work

PowerPoint Ted

In light of all the things

there are to dread

meet PowerPoint Ted

He’s a Power Talker,

a real Word Rocker

Who likes turning

his back on folks

And clicking that

small remote

We watch him like an

Army of the Dead

Charts, graphs, symbols

and the sales stats of Ted

To say it mildly,

he’s more than a bore

And surely doesn’t understand

that less is more

Can you spell repetitious

Ted the Obnoxious Officious?

We attempt to connect

take away then dissect

Ted’s bullet points

are rambling

Our next career

may be in gambling

Information overload,

Ted’s in way too deep

PowerPoint goes on and on

making us hostages weep

Then there’s a SNAP

and Beth’s on her feet

Grabs Ted by the throat

and he’s white as a sheet!

We rebound from our coma

and try to reach Beth

As PowerPoint Ted

comes so close to death



8 thoughts on “PowerPoint Ted

  1. I was chuckling and so far speechless. I am not very tech savvy and remember days with inserting a triple pile, whit typing paper, blue copy paper behind, then another white paper to print a duplicate! Lol

    • Oh I remember those days too! I got in on the end of that era, ha times for sure 😀 the idea for this piece came from the other day when I sat in on a meeting with presentations that ran from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon with 30 precious minutes for lunch….I was almost homicidal!

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