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Photo Tribute and Old Dogs


The train, the train….rarely leaves the station these days @ historic Railroad Museum


Cute little shop in the Travel Channel Famous Little Skyscraper..made possible by the greed of the oil boom ca. 1930s.


What’s July without a droopy-seen-better-days sunflower?


Dark and light, light and shadow, creepy old abandoned buildings, fun, fun.


A row of delivery doors….when something used to be delivered.


And farewell…/

He was big and white, a lover of a soft bed

With my fingers tight, I stroked his large head

White as snow and kind as a dove

Taught us about life and unconditional love

Running amok in a bed of snow flowers

Clamoring to come inside during May showers

His clumsy feet became slow

And there were fewer places he wished to go

With soft brown eyes, his head turned to me

Going to navigate a path I could not see

Through that valley we walked

And for the last time, I talked

To calm the unknown, his fear of the end

Calling on special ones to wait there for my friend

In the midst of that sad, shady summer time

Head bowed in sorrow for that upward climb

That night I dreamed

in peaceful sleep

of shady summer time

of old dogs and children

and watermelon wine”

–Tom T. Hall


11 thoughts on “Photo Tribute and Old Dogs

  1. I liked the grungy photo (train garage?) with so much history in its rusty doors. Then, I always get a little teary-eyed over old dogs, faithful companions, who loved their masters and family so dearly by protecting them from harm’s way.

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