history / seventies

That Seventies Girl


Flashback sees

her standing there

hazel eyes and golden hair

Hanging out,

sun in her eyes

Look now at

how time flies

Earth tone colors

wallpaper of fern

halter tops, cutoffs,

amazing sunburn

Highway stretched out

far away

it seemed

Not mastering

one smidgen

of all that was dreamed

Lazy lake,

one red light

Boones Farm wine

blistering look back

one more time

Southern rock,

mood rings

willows branches low

Stretching out

in the distance

a long way to go

World spins around

the era is lost in a whirl

Time warps, time wraps

and finds the 70s girl…



13 thoughts on “That Seventies Girl

  1. I can relate to a lot of this! My daughter just got a mood ring and obsesses over it and how it changes color. I actually had one in the 90s. I think that was the start of the 70s coming back!

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